Improvely Review: A Conversion Tracking Software that helps Prevent Click Frauds

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Improvely Review: A Conversion Tracking Software that helps Prevent Click Frauds

Improvely is an innovative conversion tracking software that quantifies the success rate of your digital marketing campaigns based on key metrics. With this tool, you can track every campaign’s traffic sources and identify the most profitable ones. Your campaign manager can then redirect a major part of the ad spend towards revenue-generating campaigns. As a result, there are more conversions, which leads to a gradual decline in the cost per acquisition, thereby maximizing your revenues.

Besides conversion tracking, Improvely also helps you monitor click frauds and block suspicious users by adding their IP addresses to the ignore list. You can also deal with nasty competitors that are repeatedly clicking on your links by redirecting them to a warning page. These additional functionalities keep you in full control of your digital marketing campaigns. With that said, let us now explore some of the best features of this click fraud monitoring and conversion tracking software.


Click and Conversion Tracking

Most Businesses target potential customers through multiple online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Bing ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, etc… Therefore, Organizations must analyze data from all these sources collectively and individually, as well. This is only possible through a centralized data tracking system, which makes it feasible to evaluate the effectiveness of every campaign.

In this Improvely review, we must admit that this conversion tracking software does all of that and more. As soon as you log into your Improvely dashboard, you get a quick snapshot of how your campaigns are performing. You can then skim through key metrics such as the number of people you have reached out to, goal conversions, conversion rate, cost per acquisition and several others.

You can also use Improvely to track individual conversions of your campaigns by adding projects to your Improvely dashboard. This requires you to set a tracking link on your website, landing page, or advertisement, which is a pretty straightforward process. Once you do that, you would be redirected to the ‘Project Overview’ Page that classifies your traffic sources into three sets — Ad traffic, Organic Traffic, and Search Traffic. You can then pull out individual reports for each of the three sources and track your revenues. As a result, you can make data-driven decisions based on quantifiable data. Let us now venture deeper into the core benefits of using Improvely.



Click Fraud Prevention

Close to 15 percent of all clicks that come to your ads are fake clicks that are not going to convert. Since you pay for them, it is your job to keep track of them and have them under check. At present, PPC advertising has become quite a challenge due to automated scripts and programs that imitate human behavior. Unless you tackle this menace, you’d end up losing potential clients and also wasting at least 15 percent of your ad spend.

One of the core features of Improvely is its click fraud monitoring, which helps you save the money that you would otherwise lose out on fake clicks. This, in turn, helps you maximize your ROI and bring down your cost per acquisition. Improvely’s fraud detection capabilities are highly advanced and provide real-time e-mail notifications and alerts regarding fake clicks.


Click Fraud Monitoring, Reporting, and Blocking

Improvely is a comprehensive click fraud monitoring solution that creates automatic reports every time a fraudulent activity is detected. This report includes the IP from which the fraudulent click was generated and all the essential details that enable you to report the incident to the advertising or search engine platform. This lets you claim a refund against those fraudulent clicks and use it to drive more meaningful traffic. As the report includes very specific details such as IPs, location, time and dates of the clicks, it gives Improvely’s users an upper hand while negotiating a refund.  

If that does not seem like a viable solution and you suspect that your competitors are clicking on your ads to burn a hole in your pocket, then you can even block them out. Improvely automatically redirects those blocked users to a Warning Page instead of your website or landing page. Also, the user can navigate to ‘Project Settings’ and add specific IPs to the ignore list.

People Explorer

People Explorer is a powerful feature that Improvely recently added to its suite of tools that provides useful user-related insights. These insights relate to all the users that have visited your website and continue to do so. You can then pull out the details of the ones that frequent your website and send them exclusive communication. Improvely provides you a complete list of user activity which lets you connect with such users quite easily.

Conversion Funnels

Combining User behavior and ad strategy can help skyrocket your conversions, but only when you know how the user navigates through your website. You can easily track user behavior on your various digital marketing campaigns with Improvely by clicking on the corresponding conversion funnel. This gives you a detailed understanding of where your visitors are coming from, how many of them added products to their carts, and also the exact number of people that converted. So, with just a click you know the exact breakdown of the traffic coming to your campaigns. In addition to that, you can also track the channel-wise cart abandonment rate and conversion rate.

Split Tests

Most businesses prioritize their campaigns based on their internal protocols, and therefore to split test ad campaigns effectively, there is a need to set custom averages. Improvely addresses this need and allows weighted split tests for your landing pages.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketers need to constantly keep track of what’s working for them and what isn’t. They need to track the keywords, links, and products that are generating affiliate commissions from their websites. Also, they must protect their campaign’s details from competitors, which Improvely facilitates through cloaking. Finally, you can integrate Improvely’s affiliate marketing tools with most affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, and several others.



Improvely offers four subscription plans that are priced based on the volume of business that an organization generates. These four subscription plans include the Freelancer Plan, Startup Plan, Small Agency Plan, and Large Agency Plan. From these subscription plans, you can choose one based on the number of visitors that you wish to track each month, the size of your team, and certain other factors that influence their pricing.

Since the pricing is mainly distinguished based on the number of unique clicks or visits, the makers of this conversion tracking software offer you a 14-day no-obligation free trial with all subscription plans. During this period, you can evaluate your overall requirements and can choose the right plan. Also, all the subscription plans include tools for click fraud monitoring, split testing, conversion tracking, and affiliate tools. Let us now dive into each of the four plans and figure out what each one offers.



Freelancer Plan

This plan offered by Improvely is ideal for Freelancers and startups that wish to track the performance of their posts or advertisements. However, startups need to bear in mind that this subscription plan allows only one user. So, if you have a bigger digital marketing team, then you would have to opt for the Startup Plan. However, this tool is perfect for Bloggers that wish to track the performance of their guest posts and other experimental content.

  • Ideal to track up to 10,000 visits
  • Price – $ 29 per month
  • Number of Users – 1

Startup Plan

Startup Digital Marketing agencies can opt for this subscription plan, which allows access to a maximum of three users. Also, you can track up to fifty thousand visits, which is usually enough for most startup digital marketing setups.

  • Ideal to track up to 50,000 visits
  • Price – $ 79 per month
  • Number of Users – 3

Small Agency

The Small Agency subscription plan lets you keep track of up to a hundred thousand visits, which is ideal to manage campaigns for around ten small and mid-sized businesses. Also, you can create unlimited user accounts for your team members, which is something that agencies need. These individual accounts let the users set their own login credentials and preferences. They may also choose to receive email notifications about fraudulent clicks. Additionally, you can create sub-accounts, which provides project-wise viewing access and is ideal to keep your clients informed about their campaigns. This feature ensures absolute privacy and confines the sub-account holder only to that project which you allow access to.

  • Ideal to track up to 100,000 visits
  • Price – $ 149 per month
  • Number of Users – Unlimited
  • Includes Sub Accounts

Large Agency Plans

The Large agency Plan is further classified into three plans — Large Agency, Large Agency 500, and Large Agency 1 M. The key distinguisher is the number of visits that each of these plans allows, based on which they are priced. Each of the three plans includes all the features of the Small Agency plan, along with the option to white label Improvely’s reports. White labeling allows agencies to show up their name and logo on emails and reports. Also, subscribers to the large agency plans can retain all the data up to a period of 12 months.

Large Agency Plan
  • Ideal to track up to 250,000 visits
  • Price – Starts at $ 299 per month
  • White Label Reporting
Large Agency 500 Plan
  • Ideal to track up to 500,000 visits
  • Price – Starts at $ 599 per month
  • White Label Reporting
Large Agency Plan
  • Ideal to track up to 1 Million visits
  • Price – Starts at $ 899 per month
  • White Label Reporting

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As we wrap up this Improvely review, it is worth noting that Improvely is a reliable and cost-effective conversion tracking software that outperforms most others due to its innovative capabilities. You can use it for the purposes of click fraud monitoring, creating click fraud reports, blocking suspicious activities, split testing, and more. You can even check every user’s activity on your website and target them accordingly.



So, with a single tool, you can solve several common problems that exist in the digital marketing arena and get the most out of your campaigns. All of this results in a lower cost per acquisition and higher ROI, thereby, making it an ideal solution for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, and online businesses of all sizes.

Also, you can use Improvely to maximize your revenues by identifying the top-performing keywords, landing pages, CTAs, advertising platforms and social media platforms that are working for you. These insights indicate where your target audiences are most active, and you can then tap in that platform’s potential in a more efficient manner.


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