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The most common revenue-generating means and product advertising for online marketers and businesses is affiliate marketing. Conversion plays a vital role in successful corporate marketing. It is crucial to engage people to buy products from affiliate links. There is massive earning potential with affiliate marketing, it is possible with a well-managed and robust lead generation software

Managing affiliate programs with daily activities can be a tough job, as it is equally important to keep track of daily stats and growth so that you don’t lose out on generating income. In the review, we will brief about one such affiliate marketing platform, OSI Affiliate software. We will look at all nooks and corners of this platform so that you can make a well-informed decision to invest in this platform. 

About: OSI Affiliate Review

OSI Affiliate is a comprehensive Customer Referral Solution that offers affiliate marketing services that is helpful for both advertisers and marketers. It is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for online businesses. The best part is that, you can create your affiliate program here and integrate it with the website. Once the program is integrated with the website, your customers can then begin referring the website to their acquaintances and start earning.

For every successful reference to the OSI Affiliate, you get a certain commission percentage every month once the person you refer becomes a customer. The lead generation software offers all the marketing items required to market your website along with a full-time affiliate manager to answer all your queries and answers. 

The prime features of OSI Affiliate include affiliate campaign management, lead generation, lead tracking, fraud detection, content management, referral marketing, and reward distribution for affiliates. The lead management features are deep and are helpful as they cover up the necessity for lead generation software.

The software also tracks the number of clicks from the impressions, referral links, commissions earned, and other vital data in real-time with the designated commission percentage paid to the referral partners. There is also social media sharing along with a newsletter and email communication options that take care of the communication aspect of the marketing funnel for affiliate campaign management.  

OSI Affiliate can be integrated with plenty of marketing automation software like MailChimp, BigCommerce, etc. You can also generate automated social media posts and avail discount coupons and promo codes for the referrals. This comprehensive Customer Referral Solution offers a free trial for 15-days to test major features before purchasing a plan for your needs. There are both mobile and desktop versions available in this lead generation software.

Ease of Use: OSI Affiliate Review

You can sign up for any of the plans and start with the free trial initially. Once you sign up, you can refer to the knowledge base that will help you start promoting your affiliate program. 


osiaffiliate-dashboardThe dashboard displays the overall performance of the last month. You can also view the clicks, sales completed, a commission earned, affiliate links, social media platforms, coupon code, commission reward, and link options. 

Promotional Methods




Use this link to share with your network and upon clicking the link they will be routed to the orders page.

Pre-written Email Message


Click on copy and paste it into your email program.

Social Media Sharing


You can click on social media icons to promote on social media.

Promo Code


Share this promo code with your audience so that they get a discount. 



You can view your rewards and commissions here. You can View Details to view the sales generated for the specific invoice. 

Modify Profile


Here you can modify your profile details, change your dashboard password, and update personal data. 



Here, you can select a date or any specific Referral program to see your performance breakdown.

Features: OSI Affiliate Review

This comprehensive Customer Referral Solution can turn influencers and customers into leading promoters. OSI Affiliate offers plenty of features that add up sales and pushes dynamic promotions. 

Promotional Tools

OSI Affiliate offers a wide range of promotional tools that accredits loyal customers and brand advocates. The dashboard you get to work is quite user-friendly. It can be endorsed through various social media channels.

Discount Codes and Coupons

The software provides better incentives when purchased through partners by offering gift coupons and discount codes on check out. 

Forms and Pop-ups

The platform uses timed pop-ups for a timed exit where you can engage and convert visitors to your website. These pop-ups let you build email lists, boost conversions, and cut down bounce rates. 


There are creative banners and graphics available that affiliates can use on the blogs on their websites. 

Partnership Automation

The software makes it easy for businesses to develop partnerships from where they can promote and boost sales. 

Promo Codes

The brand advocated promo codes make brand promotion easier by encouraging referrals on any offline or online channels.

Social Media Channels

Social sharing allows brands to promote on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The social posts and added graphics make it easy to share social posts for better publicity.

Smart Rewards

The reward process is made much easier by using commissions, coupons, gift cards, discounts, or other means of compensation your affiliates wish.

Professionally Designed Templates

OSI Affiliates offers a custom-template library that is pre-designed. The brands can use ready to promote their products, drive traffic and sales. 

Auto Signup

With the auto-sign-up feature, it is easy to convert customers into affiliates. This leads to every customer purchasing from your store to convert into your brand advocate.


With OSI Affiliate advanced reporting system, you can view your website performance for clicks, impressions, sales, etc.

Email Templates

The lead management platform provides ample pre-written email templates that referral partners can send out to their friends and relations.

Pricing: OSI Affiliate Review 

OSI Affiliate offers a free trial for 15 days where you can try most of the prime features before you purchase the software. When you look at the pricing, there are two simple and transparent plans on the platform, viz, Basic and Professional plan. You can take a free trial for any of the plans with your basic details and credit card information. You also get an additional two months of extra usage or an almost 17% discount if you go ahead with an annual plan. 

The Basic plan is the starting plan and costs you $47 per month. The prime features you get here are:

√ 25,000 Unique visitors

√ 200 affiliate users

√ Free website integration

√ Use your domain

√ Social media sharing

√ Promo code tracking

√ Recurring commission

√ Third-party integration

The Professional plan is the most popular one that will cost you $97 for monthly access. The key features included in this plan are,

√ 500,000 unique visitors

√ 10,000 affiliate users

√ Free website integration

√ Use your domain

√ Thank you page pop-up survey

√ Recurring commissions

√ Dedicated account manager

√ Social media sharing

√ Promo code tracking

√ Third-party integration

For both the plans available, you can cancel your account subscription or change plans at any point in time. 

Pros & Cons: OSI Affiliate Review 

As in every software or product, OSI Affiliate too comprises its own set of advantages and disadvantages of its usage. Let’s start with the pros first.

Pros of OSI Affiliate 

1.The platform is easy to set up in a short time.

2.Software integration is uncomplicated.

3.On-call customer service is free.

4.In-built lead tracking is ideally correct.

5.Various payout methods are available for payment. 

Cons of OSI Affiliate

1.The user interface is not that spontaneous.

2.There is a limitation on the total number of affiliates.

3.The tool is slightly more expensive compared to its alternatives. 


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Final Words: OSI Affiliate Review

Overall, OSI Affiliate is a powerful and exceptional lead generation software that is most helpful for boosting business with amplified online traffic, lead management, automating affiliate commissions and referral awards. 

The platform is pretty customizable as per any user preference. Hence, it is highly recommended for businesses desired to create personalized affiliate marketing campaigns. OSI Affiliate is a software that holds the ability to transform your affiliates, influencers, and customers to become top promoters for your business.


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