Increase Productivity and ROI With LinkedIn Lead Generation|Review 2022- Cleverly|

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Your business’s success hinges on the quality of the services and products you provide. To reach a larger audience, you need some help from automated technologies.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for generating leads and finding new job opportunities. Several systems are available to assist organisations improve and automate the process, allowing them to reach out to more individuals faster. 

Cleverly is a lead creation application for LinkedIn that automates your outreach. To send individualised messages to clients, cleverly leverages data from hundreds of outbound B2B campaigns. 

Cleverly promises to increase productivity and ROI by providing a platform for sending targeted emails to a broader audience.

Cleverly is built with the single objective of converting more visitors into leads; it helps you expand your leads, sales, and profits.

Is it worth your time and money to invest in the platform? Let’s see what this SaasTrac Review 2022 has to say.

Increase productivity and ROI with a 100% done-for-you solution.

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What is LinkedIn Lead Generation Technology|Cleverly Review 2022|


Cleverly was founded in 2016 with the goal of making LinkedIn lead creation easier by automating the process. 

Cleverly is a CAFM and space management platform that is fully functional. Planned and reactive maintenance, scheduled chores, asset management, and compliance are all handled efficiently by the platform.

Small businesses and startups employ Cleverly to reach a bigger audience.


Cleverly uses data from millions of outbound B2B campaigns to send proven, tailored messages to your clients on LinkedIn, resulting in profitable solutions that come directly into your inbox.

Lead generation is one of Cleverly’s basic features that are effective for businesses that facilitate automated techniques.

Developing a successful LinkedIn outreach plan necessitates constant tweaking. 

Experts from Cleverly assist you in uncovering hidden sales opportunities so that you can close more deals.


Cleverly also offers add-on modules such as IoT and sensor integrations, desk and resource booking, no-code workflow automation, and finance.

Your LinkedIn campaigns are shown in an updated snapshot on the Cleverly dashboard, along with analytics like connection ratings, reply rates, the total number of invites sent, and the total number of responses.

Its intelligent dashboard functions as an integrated CRM(by tracking prospects throughout the sales cycle). To keep your sales pipeline structured and ensure you never miss a response, filter your messages by campaigns, Tags, Responses, Sentiment, Snoozed, or Unread.

What it Does-

  • LinkedIn Automation
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • LinkedIn Social Selling

Some Specifications

  1. The LinkedIn auto lead generation tool(LinkedIn lead generation technology) is extremely user-friendly and has numerous useful functions. 
  2. It is only compatible with Windows and is not available on any other system.
  3. No mobile applications are available for the software.
  4. The software’s deployment is on the collection of information from several different websites.
  5. English is the major language used by the software.
Key Features

One of the most important elements of keeping track of current and potential customers is regularly updating new data.

The core functions of a B2B marketing solution are all present in Cleverly, together with an easy-to-use user interface. 

Check out some of Cleverly’s features now.

  1. Prospect Builder

It helps create a list of potential clients by using data from LinkedIn.

The most efficient way to approach leads and turn them into customers is by analyzing the data.

Here, the LinkedIn information is collected from the group members, comments on articles, or the profile itself.

After producing the prospect, you can automate the lead-generation process and communicate using Cleverly’s methodologies.

  1. Sending Personalized messages

The best way to generate leads is to evaluate the client using the collected data before personalizing messaging.

These data-driven, personalized messages speak to clients on a personal level.

More leads will come as a result, and those leads will be more likely to become happy customers.


  1. Automation Processes

Automating message delivery to clients with Cleverly is quite successful.

The user can also choose a time lag between messages to build credibility.

Messages are regularly changed with a quick reply function to simplify the client response strategy.

Cleverly’s account manager is continually on hand to make better choices, send out better communications, and keep track of the campaign’s timeliness.

How Cleverly Generate Leads for Clients


Cleverly increase productivity and ROI while generating qualified leads through Prospect list building, A/B tested copywriting, personalized outreach, and Data-driven strategy.

It targets and engages with your most qualified decision-makers, then brings them directly into your sales funnel in four simple steps using high-performing data from thriving LinkedIn campaigns across all sectors.


Check out-

1. Find Prospects

They use LinkedIn to create focused and qualified lists of your potential prospects.

2. Write Messages

Writes effective cold outreach communications that are straightforward and personal.

3. Execute Outreach

Every month, send personalized messages to tens of thousands of your prospective prospects.

4. Close Deals

When leads reply, you’ll get a message right away so you can close the sale.

Please see the graphic below to see how they carry out successful LinkedIn Ad Campaigns.


Four-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy|Cleverly Review 2022|

The key to marketing on LinkedIn is to narrow your prospect list to a small number of highly targeted people. Then, using the LinkedIn inbox to expand outreach, cleverly customize messaging.

Take a look at its four-step marketing strategy:

Step 1: Build Your Perfect Prospect List With LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is required to create hyper-targeted lists on LinkedIn, giving you access to more than twenty advanced search filters and allowing you to send more outreach messages per day than a basic account.

Step 2: Create a Cold Outbound Copy that Yields Results.

This space management platform (Cleverly) creates simple, conversational, and value-driven messaging for your prospects, increasing your conversion possibilities by avoiding long, unclear messages that are distracting to customers.

Step 3: Scale LinkedIn Outreach Messages

Cleverly writes message series that are clear, conversational, and value-driven for your prospect by mailing free InMails to open profiles, connection requests with personalized messages, and 4-touch follow-up messages.

A prospect becomes a 1st-degree connection once they are in your networks, and they’ll remain there forever, so you should nurture them with follow-ups and material.

Step 4: Reply to Leads and Set Calls

You’ll get an email notification for each response and an automatically created client dashboard for quick upload to your CRM & efficient lead follow-up.

Are you ready to enhance your earnings and book more meetings?

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Cleverly Services


Check Services-

  1. LinkedIn Lead Generation
  2. LinkedIn Paid Advertising
  3. LinkedIn Candidate Recruiting
  4. White-Label Lead Generation
  5. LinkedIn Lead Gen Course

Cleverly Referral Program


By joining the referral program, you will receive a referral link that you must post on social media and other platforms to get rewards for promoting Cleverly | #1 LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency.

For all sales referred, you can earn a 15% recurring commission.

Cleverly Pricing


Cleverly has separate pricing plans for each of its five services.

Let’s look at Cleverly’s  pricing plans.|Cleverly Review|

  • LinkedIn Lead Generationlinkedin-lead-generation-pricing
  • Pricing for Managed Linkedin Ads


  • LinkedIn Recruiting Pricing


  • Pricing for White-Labeling Cleverly


  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Course


Please Note- Cleverly does not deliver free trials, so you’ll have to purchase the software to test it.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn how they’re supporting organizations using LinkedIn’s capacity to create privileged leads, execute more transactions, and employ top talent faster.

Refer to the following page to schedule a free consultation:


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Pros & Cons of Space Management Platform Cleverly

Cleverly is a very effective lead generation platform that helps a variety of businesses grow and reach a wider audience.

In light of this, let’s look at Cleverly’s many benefits and drawbacks.

  1. 1.Businesses can use LinkedIn to create qualified and focused lists of their ideal prospects.
  2. Efficient Space Management Platform– Each month, send hundreds of tailored communications to potential customers.
  3. Greater exposure on LinkedIn
  4. Time-Saving – Manage sales discussions with ease and reply more quickly with personalized templates.
  5. A/B Tested copywriting
  6. Intelligent messaging Inbox- The auto-responses of the messaging system make it simple for both the client and the user.
  7. There are numerous automated advertising processes.
  8. Data-driven techniques to attract potential clients
  9. LinkedIn Lead Generation Technology

It is not compatible with IOS or any other operating system because it was made just for Windows.

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It takes skill to elicit a response on LinkedIn. 

As tools like Cleverly are continuously texting clients to get comebacks for leads, messages that seem fabricated and without any relevance to the customer are more likely to be ignored.

The best aspect of Cleverly is that it sends messages after analyzing the client’s preferences and generates relevant messages.

Data-driven messaging from Cleverly is personalized and more likely to prompt a reaction from your campaigns. 

Cleverly is up to date with user information because of previous responses and efficient lead generation.

The LinkedIn lead generation technology(well-known for messaging) also boasts many useful services and features. 

Cleverly utilizes high-performing data from hundreds of successful LinkedIn campaigns in every industry to target and engage highly qualified decision-makers, getting them directly into clients’ sales funnel.

The service will benefit growing firms, startups, and freelancers.

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